Zandaux Echoes “One Africa, One Market” to Propel African Business Connectivity


Johannesburg, 14th February 2024 — Zandaux is set to redefine African business connectivity and the African B2B e-commerce sector by launching its revolutionary multi-vendor platform in South Africa, following successful debuts in Kenya and Nigeria in January.

The platform that is on a mission to create a One Africa-One Market has earned widespread acclaim for its intuitive Zandauxinterface, robust features, and dedication to fostering a vibrant business ecosystem, earning the trust of businesses across Africa.

“The platform is designed to accommodate small and large businesses. Our African market is made of 70% small businesses, these businesses often do not have the budget to reach the target audience. With Zandaux, businesses are able to reach markets they may not have been able to reach without an e-commerce platform focused on connecting businesses’ ‘. Says Franck Obambi Ngatse CEO Zandaux


Standing as a beacon of innovation, this cutting-edge B2B E-commerce platform is designed to empower businesses across Africa and achieve their mission to help one billion people rise above poverty. With a steadfast commitment to fostering seamless B2B transactions, promoting collaboration, and driving innovation, Zandaux emerges as a transformative force in the region’s dynamic trade landscape.

Mr Daniel Maloba, the Founder Umoja Edtech and Maloba Consulting while giving his keynote remarks noted that “It is in this spirit of innovation and market creation that Zandaux operates. They recognize that combating poverty in Africa requires more than just addressing immediate needs; it demands a fundamental reshaping of the economic landscape. Through their platform, they are empowering businesses of all sizes to connect, collaborate, and thrive, thereby laying the foundation for sustained economic growth and prosperity across the continent.”Zandaux

Zandaux has been in existence since 2020 and so far has more than 15,000 products listed on the platform and close to 1000 merchants from the 4 countries Zandaux is Operating from today.

“Zandaux allows the now over 1000 joined manufacturers and suppliers across Africa to sell to their clients inside and outside of the country borders as well as giving the seller and buyers access to communicate with one another”. Dennis Reumer, CTO Zandaux

Zandaux is targeting Egypt for the next launch in Africa on 29th February 2024.

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