“All Disney. One Musical”
From May 15th until May 21st, fans can sign up for the waiting list on disneythemagicbox.com, which will grant them access to an exclusive 24-hour pre-sale.
The general sale will be available starting May 22 at 9:00am
Women's Choice Vol 16

Mobicel Launches IX Series Smartphones, Celebrates Local Manufacturing and Digital Empowerment in South Africa

Mobicel is at the forefront of mobile technology, committed to delivering high-quality, affordable smartphones and devices. Focused on empowering consumers to "BE MORE," Mobicel breaks down barriers in technology, making advanced devices accessible to everyone, while also supporting the local economy through its commitment to local manufacturing and job creation.


Zandaux Echoes "One Africa, One Market" to Propel African Business Connectivity

Zandaux is set to redefine African business connectivity and the African B2B e-commerce sector by launching its revolutionary multi-vendor platform in South Africa, following successful debuts in Kenya and Nigeria in January.

The platform that is on a mission to create a One Africa-One Market has earned widespread acclaim for its intuitive interface, robust features, and dedication to fostering a vibrant business ecosystem, earning the trust of businesses across Africa.



Traveling is an amazing way to learn a lot of things in life. Many people travel around the world to many places. Moreover, it is important to travel for us humans, Some travel to learn more while some travel to take a break from their life. No matter the reason, traveling opens a big door for us to explore the world beyond our imagination and indulge in many things.

Real experiences always have better value. When we travel it allows us to learn about a different culture, a different lifestyle, and diverse peoples. Sometimes, it is the best teacher to understand our world.


Retirement villages - a move away from the concept of the aged home

Society’s move away from the extended family to the nuclear family, coupled with rampant urbanisation, has taken its toll on ageing communities the world over. A study conducted at the Aga Khan University - entitled “Depression in the elderly:

Does family system play a role?” - observed that “societal urbanisation has promoted nucleation of family systems and a decrease in care and support for the elderly.” It went on to say that “The transition in family systems may have a detrimental effect on the physical and mental health of the elderly.”

WC Vol 16


The beauty entrepreneur expanding education in Africa. Every industry is indebted to a handful of long-standing contributors, visionaries and experts that have dedicated their careers to the development and growth of their field, all the while supporting and uplifting their peers.
Women's Choice Vol 16


Conrad Combrink
Senior Vice President Expeditions, Destination & Itinerary Management – Silversea Cruises

Silver Endeavour is unique.
Not only is she the world’s most luxurious expedition ship, but she also allows us to reach destinations and places we simply could not visit with other ships.
Men's Inc Volume 10


With a commanding stage presence, ridiculous amounts of energy and a character based set focused on making audiences laugh at life’s uncomfortable truths


Tlou Cleopas Monyepao (born December 24, 1979), professionally known as DJ Cleo, is a South African Kwaito and House producer.
Digital Times Volume 3
Parent 360° COVER 2


Cindy Norcott
Award-winning entrepreneur Cindy Norcott finally explains how she does it!


Coming Soon!
Dr Brian Monaisa Founder & CEO Marang Aesthetics

Marang Aesthetics is a medical aesthetic spa, based at Netcare Pinehaven. The focus of our business is on skin care and body rejuvenation, as well as prejuvenation, the science of delaying ageing.
Men's Inc Volume 10
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Elizabeth Arden Continues Commitment to Empowering Women Through Collaboration with Non-Profit Organisation Sparrow Society

The eight-year relationship employs women from underprivileged communities in South Africa to source the beauty brand’s hand-crafted cosmetics bags.


Elizabeth Arden is proud to announce the continuation of its longstanding relationship with Sparrow Society, a South African non-profit organisation dedicated to building a more equitable society through gender advocacy, strategic economic empowerment, and support for survivors of gender-based violence.

Elizabeth Arden

Regent Business School iLeadLAB: Where Education Meets Innovation

Regent Business School’s iLeadLABS are innovative educational hubs designed to meet the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Their dedication to nurturing future leaders and driving innovation is reinforced with their cutting-edge Academic Makerspace, iLeadLABs.

The iLeadLAB initiatives, academic makerspaces focusing on technology and innovation, are operational across five learning centres in Southern Africa. These labs serve as a catalyst for students to adapt, innovate, and. . .

Regent Business School

A perfectly stylish start to your morning awaits at Hyde Park Corner!

Move over, Breakfast at Tiffany’s — Hyde Park Corner, is redefining the morning meal experience. Perfectly situated in the heart of Hyde Park, it is quickly becoming the go-to destination for early risers, fitness enthusiasts, and professionals. Our exquisite selection of breakfast options ensures that whether you’re on your way to work, looking to refuel after finishing a workout, or scheduling a breakfast meeting, Hyde Park Corner has all you need.

Hyde Park Breakfast

South African Woman Breaks Boundaries and Shines at a top Global Competition

Johannesburg, South Africa – In a remarkable story of passion, perseverance, and breaking boundaries, 28-year-old Kgomotso Molefe from South Africa has emerged a winner at a global competition held in Lisbon, Portugal. Her journey, which began as a learner in a youth career development program, has culminated in her being crowned the top auto glass repair technician in an international competition.

Pg Glass

Southern Sun The Cullinan Reopens: A Harmonious Blend of Timeless Elegance and Contemporary Sophistication

Southern Sun The Cullinan, an iconic landmark hotel situated in the vibrant heart of Cape Town, has officially reopened its doors after an extensive refurbishment that blends its award-winning classical grandeur with modern amenities. This grand reimagining entrenches Southern Sun The Cullinan as a symbol of luxury and innovation in the city’s bustling hotel landscape.

The Cullinan Hotel

Pulmonary Hypertension's Impact Amplified in Developing Nations

Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) impacts around 1% of the global population which, presently, means that around 78 million people are known to suffer from it. Importantly, around eighty percent of patients live in developing countries like South Africa. 

The disease is more than simply high blood pressure. It’s a condition that sees arterial pressure impact the. . .

Pulmonary Hypertesnion scan

The therapeutic oasis: exploring the profound impact of spa treatments on mental health

As the cold tendrils of winter wrap around us, enveloping the world in a chilly embrace, our mental well-being can often take a hit. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, is a real and significant challenge for many individuals during these colder months. Yet, amidst the frosty gloom, there exists a therapeutic oasis that holds the promise of rejuvenation and mental resilience – the spa. Far beyond being mere indulgences, spa treatments offer profound benefits for mental health, particularly during winter when the . . .

Sandton Hotel and Spa

Sweet Cravings

In today’s society, health and wellness play a much larger role in consumers’ lives than ever before. With the bucketload of information on nutrition that is now available online, individuals tend to have a black and white view, and try to ‘cut out’ all the so-called ‘unhealthy’ foods. However, these foods are often our favourites, offering taste, sweetness and. . .

UJU Rooibos

Sandton Sun Launches New Menus: A Feast for Every Guest’s Palate

Sandton Sun is excited to unveil its vibrant new updated menus across its dining experiences. This comprehensive revamp includes a delectable breakfast menu, an elevated banqueting menu, and a sophisticated San Deck menu. Crafted to cater to the diverse tastes of hotel guests, conference attendees, and local diners, these menus promise to enhance guests’ overall dining experience.

Sandton Hotel Chicken Curry

Dis-Chem urges the public to prioritise vaccination as measles cases surge globally

Measles, a highly contagious airborne virus, is on the rise globally, presenting a significant threat to public health in South Africa. According to research conducted by both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), it is envisaged that by the end of 2024, over half of all countries – about
105 will face a high or very high risk of measles outbreaks.

Dischem Health

Step Into The Past This Winter Holiday Where A Treasure Trove of Discovery Awaits

As the June winter holidays rapidly approach and plans for the winter school break are being finalised, visiting a museum might not be at the top of everyone’s list as part of their holiday activities, especially for those with children. However, International Museum Day, which was celebrated on 18th May, reminds us of museums’ invaluable role in preserving our. . .

First Group_art

Century HomeShow 2024: Redefining Luxury Living at Helderfontein Residential Estate

Century Property Developments proudly announces the Century HomeShow 2024, an exclusive event poised to redefine the standards of luxury living within the award-winning Helderfontein Residential Estate. Scheduled across two weekends on 18 & 19 May and 25 & 26 May 2024, visitors at Century HomeShow, can look forward to witnessing the ultimate showdown among South Africa’s top residential architects and builders, and even have a chance to win a variety of sponsored prizes by voting for the “Home of the Century” at the show.

Century HomeSHow

This season’s wedding trends

Every couple’s wedding is a day that they will always remember. And with memory making often being a sensory experience, it is important to get the sights, sounds and smells on your special day planned ahead of time so they are just right. 

To do this brides and grooms will begin thinking of colours for the theme, food and drink flavours for the meals, cakes and beverages, their favourite family members and friends, locations that fit their budget and settings such as the sea, forest, veld, or other beautiful events venues. 

Wedding Trends

Birkenstock launches premium store in Hyde Park

The new store embraces a theme of casual luxury with colour schemes revolving around neutral shades and vibrant pops of colour as a nod to African narratives. Exuding effortless elegance, it presents a fully open shopfront flanked by wooden panels, the iconic BIRKENSTOCK footbed crafted into a lamella wood ceiling, and a marble slab with brass inlays featuring the script: German Tradition Since 1774.

Birkenstock Hyde Park

South Africa's global reputation surpasses expectation, but there is room for improvement

In an effort to assess South Africa’s global reputation in various key areas, Brand South Africa conducted extensive research on the perceptions that other countries have on South Africa. A total of 17 countries were surveyed with over 9800 respondents and focused on brand audiences related to tourism, investment, talent, exports and general reputation.


Brand SA

From Wrist to Well-being: HUAWEI Pioneers the Next Wave of Smart Health Innovations

Step into the future of wearables with HUAWEI, where wearables aren’t just smart; they’re your personal health revolutionaries. As a key player in the global market, HUAWEI’s commitment to research and development has fuelled business growth and significantly contributed to advancing global health management solutions. 


Mobicel Launches IX Series Smartphones, Celebrates Local Manufacturing and Digital Empowerment in South Africa

The IX Series, led by the flagship IX Plus, is a testament to Mobicel’s dedication to providing high-quality, accessible technology. With a 50MP camera and premium design finishes, the IX Plus, alongside the IX Pro and the IX, ensures there’s a Mobicel device suited to every preference and budget. The IX Plus is available at R1999, the IX Pro at R1499, and the IX at an incredibly accessible R999, embodying Mobicel’s mission to make advanced technology available to all.

Chayuta Takes Audiences on a Musical Odyssey with "Getaway" - A Sonic Journey Through City Lights

Prepare to be transported into a world where city lights become a dance floor, and the night sky is a canvas of possibilities. Chayuta (Layla Mpho Mokoena), the sensational 20-year-old artist with a rich tapestry of cultural influences, invites music lovers on an exhilarating escapade with her latest hit single, “Getaway.”

Autumn majesty at Tokara Rare Plant Fair and Open Garden

For one day only, a tented Farmyard transforms and comes alive with diverse offerings from Rare Plant Fair vendors showcasing a wide selection of indigenous and exotic plants intended to delight both avid gardeners and plant admirers alike. Delicious meaty and vegetarian nourishment and refreshments alongside Tokara wine and olive products will sustain visitors at the Farmyard and offer a respite from sourcing that one elusive rare plant. . .


Understanding the Mental Health Implications of Living with Psoriasis

Living with psoriasis, a chronic skin condition, is not just about managing physical symptoms. It also has significant mental health and wellness aspects that need to be addressed.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation of the skin. Several types of psoriasis exist, although the most common of these, that affects up to 90% of psoriasis sufferers, is commonly known as plaque psoriasis, and its symptoms include the formation of discoloured and flaky skin patches. These areas are called. . .

psoriasis mental

Southern Oil (SOILL), Africa's largest producer of canola oil

There are two forms of canola seed byproducts used as animal feed. Firstly, when the locally-grown, 100% GMO-free canola seeds arrive at the SOILL extraction plant, they undergo a cleaning process with sieves to separate the seeds from any plant parts. This sieved plant material is then collected and sold to farmers, who use it as roughage in animal feed for ruminant animals such as cows, sheep, and goats. . .


Love and longevity: How relationships impact your health

Think of the day you said ‘I do’ to the love of your life, or, on the other hand, the emotional rollercoaster of a complicated relationship. One leaves you glowing, ecstatic and hopeful for the future, while the other, a stressed out, emotionally exhausted mess. 

How we feel about ourselves and the world around us is significantly impacted by our relationships, especially our romantic ones. Building and maintaining strong bonds of love and connection with a partner elevate our moods and make us hopeful. . .

LaMelle Pharmaceuticals

GirlCode empowers change across Africa with 10th Annual Hackathon

GirlCode, a leading organisation dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry, is thrilled to announce its 10th annual GirlCode Hackathon: Empowering Change Across Africa. This year’s event, scheduled for 31 August – 1 September, aims to leverage technology to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) while actively promoting female participation in the tech sector. . .

Girl Code

How a career in hospitality can equip you for success in any industry.

As we celebrate the achievements of the 2023 matriculants, the shadow of unemployment and financial barriers to education cast a daunting cloud over many of our promising youth. Despite having career aspirations across diverse industries, bright minds find themselves lacking the much-needed education, connections, experience, or skills necessary to pursue their dreams. Shaun Lamont, the Managing Director of First Group Hotels and Resorts, however, believes. . .

First Group

Brahman Hills Triumphs as First-Ever African Winner in Royal Horticultural Society Competition

In an unprecedented achievement, Brahman Hills, home of glorious views, breath-taking gardens, an award-winning spa and charming 4- and 5-star accommodation, has been named the Overseas Region Winner in the esteemed Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Partner Garden of the Year Competition. This historic win marks a significant milestone not only for South Africa but for the entire African continent.

Brahman Hills

HUAWEI’s latest entry-level phone with the longest battery life

HUAWEI has launched its latest addition to the HUAWEI nova Series: the HUAWEI nova Y72. This sleek and stylish device offers a range of features that make it a standout choice for users who value performance and convenience. With a massive 6000mAh battery, a versatile X Button, a 50MP camera system and a 6.75-inch display. The HUAWEI nova Y72 is a powerhouse of performance and innovation that delivers exceptional user experience together with the addition of the new X Button makes accessing commonly used apps a breeze.

Huawei Y72

Hacks to enhance your health and well-being

In a world filled with distractions and demands, prioritizing our health often takes a backseat. However, achieving optimal well-being doesn’t have to be hard! Below are some easy hacks to boost your physical and mental well-being without adding stress.


Embrace Self-Love and Indulge in Natural Haircare with Suki Suki Naturals

In a world that often places unrealistic expectations on beauty, it is essential to take a step back and focus on self-love and embracing our natural selves. Suki Suki Naturals believes that loving your hair is integral to loving yourself. Through their carefully crafted products, they celebrate the unique beauty of every individual, encouraging them to embrace their natural hair and radiate confidence from within.

Suki Suki Hair

Durban Automotive Cluster (DAC) Launches Applications for Transformative Business Accelerator

The Durban Automotive Cluster (DAC) is delighted to announce the opening of applications for its Business Accelerator. This ground-breaking programme is spearheaded by the unwavering support of the eThekwini Municipality and leading automotive industry giants, including Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM), Hesto Harnesses, and Toyota Boshoku South Africa (TBSA).

The DAC Accelerator is focused on driving localisation, empowering Black industrialists, and. . .

Durban Automotive Cluster

American Hospital Dubai opens three medical tourism offices in Nigeria endorsed by Dubai Health Authority as part of 30-office expansion in Africa and Eastern Europe

RivExcel and American Hospital Dubai recently partnered and launched three medical tourism offices in Nigeria. This expansion will facilitate greater access to premium healthcare services, reflecting both organizations’ dedication to enhancing global health outcomes. Part of the expansion plan is to have 30 offices across crucial Africa and Eastern Europe locations. The initiative supports the UAE’s efforts to be the global medical tourism hub.
RivExcel and American Hospital Dubai recently partnered and launched three medical tourism offices in  . . .

Dubai Health

Life Cover: More Than Just a Safety Net for Death Building lifelong security: How can customised life cover solutions safeguard you and your family?

Life is a journey where unexpected detours can arise at any moment. Just like a GPS adjusts routes on-the-go, your life cover should be flexible, offering comprehensive protection that goes beyond death. Consider this: disability can strike in the most unexpected moments, whether you’re stepping out of the shower or merely crossing the road on your way to work.

When discussing life cover, it’s essential to break free from the common misconception that it only serves as. . .


MAMMA MIA! The Ultimate feel-good musical opens soon

Opening at Artscape, Cape Town from Wednesday, 06 March 2024, for a limited season and thereafter moving to Montecasino’s Teatro, Johannesburg opening on Friday, 12 April 2024, the all-South African stellar cast of the new look production of MAMMA MIA! will be “singing out loud” for “somewhere in the crowd, there’s you”. Tickets are on sale at www.showtime.co.za and www.ticketmaster.co.za


Produced by leading SA promoter Showtime Management, this major international “guaranteed feel-good musical” features. . .


HUAWEI Adapts to New Era of Work with Lightweight, Large-Screen HUAWEI MateBook D 16

As we embrace the enduring trend of hybrid work environments, the need for adaptable technology has never been more crucial. Against this backdrop, workers often find themselves challenged by the limitations of their devices – whether it’s the hassle of transporting them or the struggle to work efficiently on small screens while away from the office. 


In response to these modern workplace demands, companies like HUAWEI are revolutionising the design of . . .

Huawei Mate

Forging your path to success: Regent Business School’s expert guidance

Making the right career choices can be a daunting task, especially for recent Matriculants or those contemplating a midlife career shift. But here’s the good news – it’s never too late to pursue your dreams or change your career path, and Regent Business School (RBS) is here to guide you through the journey of informed decision-making.

Regent Business School

Make Mpumalanga one of your Bucketlist destinations

Traveling is an amazing way to learn a lot of things in life. Many people travel around the world to many places. Moreover, it is important to travel for us humans, Some travel to learn more while some travel to take a break from their life. No matter the reason, traveling opens a big door for us to explore the world beyond our imagination and indulge in many things.

Real experiences always have better value. When we travel it allows us to learn about a different culture, a different lifestyle, and. . .

Gimme Summer

Exclusive safari destination in KZN entices families with exhilarating packages

Ghost Mountain Inn invites families to experience the magic of Zululand with exhilarating, family-friendly packages.

Ghost Mountain Inn is a haven of tranquility nestled within the awe-inspiring landscapes of ancient Zululand. As purveyors of exquisite hospitality and unforgettable experiences for all generations, their packages welcome families to indulge in iconic African safari adventures. . .

Ghost Mountain 01
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SA Kwaito and House Producer

Spreading the Gospel

i-Lead Feature

i-LEAD has been announced as the third winner of the ongoing Brand South Africa 2021 Play Your Part Awards in the category – Women Empowerment.


The focus of this category was to highlight women empowerment programmes that aim to uplift, protect and empower women mentally, physically and socio-economically.


i-LEAD is an initiative that excels on all those fronts. I-LEAD teaches women self-defence for social good. Their programmes are designed to help those affected by gender based violence and human trafficking overcome trauma, with the end goal of equipping them to re-enter the world with confidence and strength. 

Nkosazana – Idloz’ Lami EP

The African Princess Nkosazana brings us back to our roots with her Idloz’ Lami EP, we learn the importance of praying to God and remembering our ancestors who always provide what we ask from them. This project takes you to a different realm, elevating your soul giving the spiritual awakening needed to the listener, an EP of gratitude and thanks, a praise to God and ancestors.  

The lead single from this beautiful 6 track EP is Sivusa Abalele, this single is a tribal beat that is a combination of traditional house music with other elements, a similar structure to deep house with a dab of ethnic and indigenous musical instruments or sounds.


Dr. Brian Monaisa

CEO of Marang Aesthetics

Le Parc by tashas Opens in Hyde Park Corner

Tashas expands offering in South Africa to align to international brand and provides whimsical food and retail emporium.

Huhtamaki invests in new fiber packaging capacity in South Africa

Huhtamaki, a global key advanced manufacturer of sustainable packaging solutions, is setting up a new manufacturing unit in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa to serve its existing and new egg packaging customers in the KwaZulu-Natal area with a broad range of locally produced packaging solutions.

Retail needs a new story… and SOKO District has written the first chapter at Rosebank Mall!

At a time when the world is re-setting and actively searching for brands that resonate with the core values of getting back to basics, SOKO District seeks to make the like-minded brands they partner with the heroes in this new story… the re-telling of retail. The first chapter in the first of many SOKO District stories is set in Rosebank Mall and will open on Friday, 30 July 2021…


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