About Us

Innovative, Creative Business Messaging is within Reach.

Starting a business is hard. In the South African economy, there are even more challenges to overcome. Building a market and creating a loyal customer base can take years and in the digital age requires a great degree of skill and expertise in managing targeted campaigns to get the right message to the right people. 

At Onlinemags (Pty) Ltd we are no different, which is why we’ve rebranded and re-launched our online platforms to coincide with the global New Normal. Mens Inc and Women’s Choice have been re-launched in a vibrant new text-light and multimedia-rich format. Our online magazines are now much more interactive and tailored to reader preferences, with a wealth of informative content behind every headline.

We can’t wait to bring our readers more uniquely South African stories, advice and information to make sense of a changed world. We’re also cognisant that the Covid-19 disruption has left a lot of entrepreneurs wondering how they can still connect with their consumer markets. The tremors that have shaken the local and global economy are going to call for specialised and ultra-modern strategies for communicating and marketing a business.

At Onlinemags (Pty) Ltd we realise that most small businesses are simply not able to market their businesses beyond a simple social media presence because contracting an agency to handle media planning and content strategy is costly. We the team have put together affordable and effective media and PR plans that can work for any size of organisation. Give us a call and let’s start talking.
Signature Media is calling on SMMEs to get in touch because we have the skills, the tools and the advice to help entrepreneurs be heard above the noise. Research has shown that those businesses that maintained or increased their advertising and marketing spending through economic crises were the survivors and thrivers in the recession and beyond.

 If you’re a small business owner, let us help you craft creative and innovative campaigns that will give your business wings. During crises consumers don’t stop spending; they just spend more wisely. Make sure it’s with your business.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Andy Scott